A Day Trip To Nusa Penida

The largest of the Nusa Islands, Nusa Penida’s stunning scenery was ticked off our list on a adventurous and extremely bumpy day trip. We arranged our tour through our homestay; Swara Homestay for 350K per person (low season) from Nusa Lembongan. We were picked up by taxi truck and ferried to the mangroves bay where we got on the boat to cross to Nusa Penida. About a 20 minute boat journey later, we arrived on Nusa Penida and got picked up in the mini bus to start our adventure.

Kelingking T-Rex

In all honesty, this was all I knew Nusa Penida was famous for. The pictures you see of it do it no justice, it’s a beautiful view. Overlooking the most untouched beach, except for a few footprints of the people that have braved the hour or so steep descent down. With the time we had on the tour the option to go down the bottom wasn’t on the cards for us. However, I wont lie, seeing the people come up dripping in sweat – I didn’t need to add that to my already hot and humid demeanour. So I am secretly happy we didn’t have time to go down.

Angel Billabong Rock Pools

Although you come across this spot first when visiting Broken Beach, I would aim to walk past the Angel Billabong Rock Pools and head to Broken Beach first. That way you can take your photo’s at Broken Beach and then come back to chill in the most beautiful of spot. Amongst the rocks at Broken Beach there is a perfectly formed rock pool nestled in the rock face about 50M up from the sea. Accessible at certain points in the day you can venture down to take a dip in the natural pools and cool off from the sweaty walk down and around.

Broken Beach

Natures own gateway into a private unaccessible (unless you have a boat) beach, with a stunning photo spot included. Walk around Angel Billabong and follow to signs to find Broken Beach. Walk around the cove, cross the nature made bridge and watch some of the biggest wave crashes hit the rocks below.

If you are on a tour, you will have about an hour at this spot. To get to both KelingKing viewpoint & Broken Beach it takes about 45 minutes to an hour from the port.
Pre warning: make the most of toilet spots – the roads are terrible and if you need a wee, prepare for the worst mini bus journey of your life!

Our last stop on the tour was some random beach, it wasn’t worth the hour it took to get to it and then the hour we spent (slept) on the beach. If you have a choice, try and check out:
Tembeling Natural Pool
A random natural pool that can be found in the middle of the Tembeling Beach and Forest trail.
Also another spot I am still gutted we missed:
Peguyangan Waterfall:
Instagram famous for its blue steps: the cliff journey down apparently makes for slightly underwhelming waterfall at the bottom. Still, Its something I am adding to the list as an excuse to go back.

Go With Gabbs Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida & Nusa Ceningan Complete Guides: The Nusa Islands

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