A Morning Exploring The Art Science Museum: Singapore

Singapore’s is home to the worlds first Art Science Museum. Located next door to the Marina Bay Sands Resort, the hunger games style cornucopia building cannot be missed. Although it has a permanent exhibition, The ArtScience Gallery, the ArtScience Museum mainly hosts touring exhibitions curated by other museums. When we visited the museum, FUTURE WORLD the exhibit was being showcased, we paid around $18SD for entry at specific set times.


“Enter the heart of Celestial Space for the breathtaking finale of your journey. Be spellbound by the beauty and magnitude of the cosmos and thrill in watching your actions forge the shape of a monumental digital universe.” – Future World: Where Art Meets Science
This whole room is basically an Instagram moment dream. The stunning glass walls and floors reflect the hanging lights in every direction. You follow the path of light to come out to the end of the Exhibit. Prepare to cue for your photo – luckily we arrived at the right time and had about five minutes to ourselves.


Basically, where technology and light displays merge with projectors, interactive elements and much more to create both an adults and a child’s playground. I was in my element in this place, you walk into a dark room surrounded with floral lighting and butterflies floating around the space. This exhibit is one for the gram, if you can take decent pictures without the flash.

Giant light up inflatable balls, everywhere. What more could you want?
We resisted the urge to kick them at each other and behaved, for once.
Not to mention, if you can remember the fruit ninja game? There is a GIANT SLIDE, in which you as you slide down, hit fruit and score points. If that doesn’t bring out the massive kid in you, this whole experience is waisted. Go down the slide! You might have to fight the kids at the top to go down, but trust me its worth it.

Once you get past the inflatables, you then have to try to not get distracted by the fruit splat game as you walk on the floor. Each footstep sends some fruit rocketing off in another direction and or splatted underneath you as you then childishly jump from one spot to the next. Next up is the music wall, as serene music plays, touching falling symbols on the wall becomes the catalyst for fireworks, flowers, butterflies & more erupting across the wall.

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