Siargao, NYE and Nightlife

We came to Siargao as a second choice because we couldn’t get onto Boracay for NYE. It was the best second choice we could of ever hoped for. I am so grateful to that hiccup in our plans because Siargao is incredible. It took us a while to figure out where everyone was, but my advice to you would be to befriend locals and expats!
I met Jake, a free dive instructor (check him out down on the harbour – long blonde haired Aussie) one morning at Shaka and we shared a table – he sent across the below picture and it contributed to the significant loss in money over the next few nights.
It may or may not have changed by the time you get to the island but locals/shop owners on tourism road can point you in the right direction for each night of the week.

Bravo Beach Bar

We found this busy spot on a Sunday and stocked up on beers whilst navigating our way around the shoeless Aussies who frequented the beach club. It played some early 2000’s playlist featuring the best of Stacey’s mom and similar songs. It does close at 12pm so make sure you get there with enough time to enjoy it, whilst having your plans for after planned.
We also spent NYE here on a ticketed event, Again memory fails but apparently I face timed many a people so the wifi was good considering the rest of the wifi on the island!

Rum Bar

I cant actually remember anything of this night, other than I apparently had an amazing time from the hilarious accounts of my friends on the debrief the next morning. One not to miss, just be prepared to haggle for the tricyles on the way back as its far out from General Luna. Its an island favourite and has something going on late into the morning most days.


One for the house heads amongst you a really good night right in the middle of tourism road! What more could you want.

There are also many other options, smaller bars, acoustic nights and just general gathering places. Make sure to visit at least one of the above spots to find out where the next nights party is taking place.

With the nightlife of Siargao covered, lets find out some more…

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