Moments in Moalboal

Jeepney Journeys and moving around Moalboal

We headed around the bottom of the coast of Cebu and up to Moalboal on Boxing day. We got the bus for around 30Pesos. In order to get the bus, you stand on the side of the road you want to go and wave down the bus number you require. Online bus tables are available and you have to choice between basic jeepney buses or air conditioned buses. Be prepared to sit/stand in the aisle for the majority of your journey. It is not uncommon for around six people to cram onto two seats. Really cosy, especially when your hungover, hot and, hangry. The bus from Oslob – Moalboal took around 1hr 45 minutes.

*Make sure to pre download offline google maps to check where you need to stop, unless you pre organise with your driver beforehand there are no real designated spots, other than the final destination.

Once in Moalboal you can rely on the tricycles and other forms of transport for getting to your hotel/hostel/homestay. Make sure to have enough money on you in cash – the south of Cebu is notorious for running out of money in the ATMS. Christmas eve saw us biking around the south island for 2 hours going from town to town to see hunt down an ATM with cash in it.

Nothing really Mattress….

Moalboal Backpacker Lodge
With availability limited prior to the New Years, we managed to secure the five bed en-suit dorm here at MB Lodge. It was basic, but we had a room to ourselves and only used it as a base the two nights we stayed. It is on the main central road alongside the beach and location wise allows you to explore moalboal with a centre base.
$11.00 AUD pp per night

Sardine Sundays

If you want to swim alongside a wall of thousands upon thousands of Sardines, Moalboal is your place. Rent some snorkels from the main strip for 50pesos and get deep sea diving. There are also lots of opportunities for scuba diving and getting right to the bottom of the incredible coral reef drop wall.

We also were lucky enough to see quite a few turtles in the bay of sardines! Just try and avoid the loud splashing of certain tourists who cant swim and rely on lifejackets in water waist deep. Avoid them and you will find turtles and lots of other fish in the clear water.

Go with the flow

Kawasan Falls in Badian, is probably one of the biggest tourist spots for Cebu. Its world famous for its Canyoneering. Having recently undergone some official health and safety regulations, all visitors are now required to wear the stunning orange helmets and lifejackets. Previously, anything went as you slid down waterfalls, dived off 10m ledges and swung into plunge pools.
Around 1000pesos per person 20quid – try and go as early as possible, avoid weekends, hit pool tier level one 1st (the most insta iconic) & then head up to the top and work your way down.

White Beach

Not far from Moalboal, around 15 minutes on the bikes you can find yourself at white Beach. In terms of beaches, its not the worst but certainly not the best in the Philippines. We craved a beach day after many waterfall hunts and found this one. The water is the stunning Philippine blue and has close access to beach front huts that sell the classic Filipino Rum. What more could you want.
Easily found on Google maps (if it takes you to the field, reverse – keep heading down the main road and follow the signs to the resort and you will come to the correct carpark).

where we originally found the fruit bowl goodness. Also found on Siargao!

Chili Bar
Good night out with good food and cheap drinks, right in the centre of the Moalboal beach strip. Chili vodka is evil, you have been warned.

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