Da Nang and Ba Na Hills: Sun World, Is it worth it?

So to break up the journey, coming from Hoi An/Hue – there is a stop over town around 1hr 30 minutes when heading north to Hue, or South to Hoi An. Da Nang is a small town on the coast with the main attraction being Ba Na Hills: Sun World. Sun world is a promised land of fun and a Hogwarts/disney esq theme park, in the sun. Or so they said…..

Before I get further into Sun World, Here is some Information on Da Nang:

Where to stay?

We stayed in this really cool hostel made entirely out of shipping containers!
Rom Casa Hostel Da Nang – its location was great, close to the beach whilst being in the main area of town. We had bikes as we used Da Nang as a stopover whilst biking the Hai Van Pass. It’s a busy town with lots of restaurants, bars, shops and more.
Rom Casa had great facilities including free wifi, welcome drink, breakfast and air con.
Price Per Person Per Night: $11 AUD/ 6GBP.

Da Nang Sightseeing

Marble Mountain
A cluster of marble and limestone cliffs named after the five elements. A cheap excursion out at around $12.00 to get to the top and bottom, using a sky lift. It is also home to various temples and shrines dotted throughout.

Dragon Bridge
Named rather appropriately, this bridge spans across the River Han. It also lights up at night and is equally impressive!

River Han Bridge
Known as the swinging bridge because it swings out of the way to allow large boats to pass underneath.

Ba Na Hills: Sun World

You may not have heard of Da Nang or even Ba Na Hills – but if you are into travel, it is highly likely you would of seen the Ba Na Hills main attraction: The Golden Bridge.

Around a 40 minute scooter ride into the Da Nang mountains, go for the day for 12,000dong ($90) or wait until 5pm and pay 5000dong ($40) to go to the bridge, also including an all you can eat buffet.
As we took the 30 minute ski lift, higher and higher climbing up the mountain – the weather changed for the worst. Gone were our clear skies and in came the most horrendous black clouds we had seen in Vietnam.

Here is the view (courtesy of my beautiful friend Sam) we expected a mere 24 hours prior to our visit……

What we had paid $45 per person to see: or in our case not.

Verging on a laugh or cry situation: we all went a little bit hysterical and lost the plot. Roaming through 10% visibility Ba Na Hills: Sun World – sun world became the worst place on earth. It Started to resemble a horror movie in which we would all be dragged off and murdered one by one. Hands guiding the way and following brief glimpses of light, amongst zero visibility of rain and fog we heading towards what looked like inside cover. In we went to discover an indoor theme park with bumper cars and Ferris wheels. Making the most of something we could see/experience and getting our monies worth we had a few goes on the rides.

Next mission: finding the all you could eat Buffet in a badly signed theme park – after around 20 minutes of looking we found the restaurant. A huge canteen style room with only 30 Chinese men sitting in the room with Bavarian steins – again the oddness of this whole experience only grew stranger.
The entertainment consisted of a Hyde Park winter wonderland reject German band (in vietnam) playing Christmas songs, in November……..
Again with the “lets get the most of our monies worth before we cry” mindset – we stuffed our faces. Only realising after consuming a stupid amount of food – we were 5 minutes away from the last ski lift down, before they became hourly. Sick of the place, we ran for our lives to catch the last lift through an endless amount of wet slippery castle corridors. Literally catching the last lift – we made it down, before being violently sick at the bottom.

Do not run the equivalent of a 400m sprint after three plates of food.

In the Sunshine, SunWorld looks like a great day out. My advice would be to check the weather BEFOREHAND………because to this day it is still an un-talkable subject and known as the worst day of our Vietnamese travel adventure.

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