Las Vegas Neon Graveyard

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A history lesson of Vegas’s colourful history in blinding neon. Take a day time stroll through a The Neon Graveyard of yesteryears Vegas famous, fabulous signs, or venture in the evening (open 9AM until 7PM) to see the signs at night!

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I visited the boneyard in 2016, we rocked up on the day, brought our tickets and had the place to ourselves. This was prior to its huge instagram and social media boost, where influencers flocked to take beautiful photos in this more than amazing setting. It was also prior to the days of real “Instagram worthy” pictures and in 40 degree Vegas heat, selfies or staged pictures were not on my agenda. I guess it means I now have an excuse to revisit, only this time get some pictures of me and the signs too!

Nowadays, if you are planning to visit the Neon Graveyard, you will need to book online, and choose an hour visiting slot in advance via their website: Click here!

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General admission $22

Guided Tour with Museum interpreter $28

Prices continue to rise as you get more options including a Tim burton special that is going on at the moment (September 19)

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The Graveyard is actually quite a beautiful place considering it’s old rusted metal throughout the majority of it. The restoration and hard work of the team really shows and it’s definitely a place to visit when in Vegas! Take some time off from the partying and pool drinking and be a little cultured, with some Vegas history instead.

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The Las Vegas Neon Graveyard was only one of the amazing spots of my USA West Coast Roadtrip. To see what other spots along the route you can add to your American Road-trip click Go With Gabbs Road Trip

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