Travel Vaccinations

A Minimal Guide to SE Asia Travel Vaccinations

I say this is a bare minimal guide to travel vaccinations, purely because, it is a bare minimum of what you should already have in terms of vaccinations and what you should get when travelling SE Asia.

Unless you are planning a deep jungle trek without malaria jabs, or a rural Mekong river homestay with limited access to water and no typhoid jabs, there are only a few vaccinations required and advised for SE Asia. The majority of vaccinations are ones you have most likely had as a child (hopefully) and you may only require a booster or top up. For my UK readers, the NHS travel vaccinations website has an online interactive map website that allows you to check your destination for recommended vaccinations.

Routine Vaccinations

These are the minimum travel vaccinations you should have for SE Asia

Routine Vaccinations
measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough.
Within the UK, most of these are done when you are a child. Just to be safe, double check if necessary.

Hepatitis A


Recommended Travel Vaccinations

Cambodia Travel Vaccinations


Rabies and Travel Vaccinations

So, this one is a debatable. I travelled SE Asia for a whole year without a rabies jab and luckily I was fine. However, my girl Carly is doggo obsessed, petted every good boy and girl she came across in Bali and was fine. That was until the last night at old mans, she spooked a sleeping dog and got bitten (just a little scratch).
A trip to Bali A&E and $60 later, she had the rabies jab. The problem isn’t getting the rabies jab vaccination in SE Asia. The issue she had was the required four additional shots you need once being bitten back home in the UK. A few trips to the tropical disease unit in London after many back and forths with her GP, she was rabies free.
So my advice would be, try and stay away from animals in SE Asia, despite how cute they might be, if you are planning on not getting the rabies jab.
Rabies Jab is a necessity if you are going into rural areas with little to no immediate medical facilities or aid. The Rabies jab gives you approx an additional 24hours of time to find immediate medical attention.

NHS Rabies jab requires three dosages and each dosage can cost between 40 – 60 GBP. It often requires some pre planning for your doctors, so ring ahead.

If you are planning on getting the rabies jab within the UK here’s the details:

Cost: £120 to £180
Time Frame: The three dosages are spread over the period of a month, so make sure to get them in time.

Japanese Encephalitis

Travel Vaccinations

This vaccination is suggested for travellers who are spending extended periods of travel or doing activities in rural locations, particularly around rice fields and farms. The Japanese encephalitis vaccine isn’t usually available on the NHS and the cost can vary between clinics. Each dose can cost more than £90 per person.

Its a particularly nasty one if you are extremely unlucky enough to get it. Japanese encephalitis is a viral brain infection that’s spread through mosquito bites. It’s most common in rural areas in southeast Asia, the Pacific islands and the Far East, but is very rare. It cannot be spread from person to person, but there is no cure currently. It can leave you in a coma and 1/3 people die from it. So Naturally, its one you would want to prevent yourself from. I chose not too, Carly the rabies queen opted to get vaccinated a month prior to leaving for SE Asia.


Malaria is present in several countries across SE Asia and if not treated, it can lead to further health complications or worse, death. Travellers should consider taking an anti-malarial before traveling. However it’s important to talk with your doctor as some anti-malarial tablets work better than others.

It also should be noted that the anti malarial tablets can also make you rather sick too. I have travelled with a handful of people who have stopped taking the daily medication because it was not worth the constant toilet trips and sickness feeling. You can probably guess… I didn’t opt for these either.

PS. a nice strong DEET is a wonder when it comes to mozzies, malaria and other bite diseases. You may stink, it may strip nail varnish, but you will reduce the bites.

Travel Vaccinations

Now you have the bare minimum information for SE Asia Travel Vaccinations, lets move onto the exciting part!


Thinking of rice feilds, yoga, beach clubs and nightlife? Bali might be for you!

Islands upon islands of paradise, lagoons, lakes, white sand beaches and tropical dreams? The Philippines sounds more like it.

One of the seven wonders of the world? Cities, rural towns, abandoned ruins? Cambodia is a must when visiting SE Asia.

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